rosalind allen-enciso 

Originally from New Zealand, Rosalind has spent 25+ years working as a successful professional actor.  She is well known for her work on the small and big screen; from hundreds of television commercials to abundant Television and Film appearances.  Rosalind was recently nominated by Vanity Fair magazine as the #2 fan favorite in her Emmy nominated "Marine Biologist" episode of Seinfeld as the "It girl".  She is often remembered from her earliest role on the day-time series All My Children, and as a series regular on Steven Spielberg’s series Seaquest DSV.  Over the last 15 years Rosalind has developed the award winning Theatre Arts program from a top school in Los Angeles and has directed and produced over 30 major theatrical productions, in which she has been awarded the prestigious Jerry Herman Award for Best Musical Direction and Best Ensemble, and the National Youth Arts Award for Outstanding Ensemble and Direction.  She is known for creating profound experiences for her students and continues to build a legacy in those students’ lives and in the Theatre Arts community nation-wide.