We'll do our best to answer the most common ones.

Please Contact us anytime at support@protique.me if you have any questions or technical difficulties and we will respond back ASAP! 


How long does it take to get my critique back? 

From the time you submit your rehearsal video in our APP, it will take 3 business days. 


How do I know who will critique my video? 

When you receive your PROTIQUED video back in the PROTIQUE APP, you will see the name of the   PROTIQUE faculty member that did the professional critique.  


Can I pick the person who will critique? 

You can always put in a request to have a certain faculty member, and we will do our best to honor that request- but there is no guarantee. (When you submit your video in the APP add that information when you tell us about you).  Our faculty will continue to grow as we acquire the BEST people in the industry that will provide quality and                 professional critiques that will encourage and help you grow as an artist.  At PROTIQUE, we are interested in the constructive criticism that will only foster a positive environment for you to grow.  All of our faculty members are highly sought after working professionals and leaders in the industry, therefore, their schedules are always changing. Due to their ever-changing schedules, the person you may want to PROTIQUE you -may or may not be available at the time of your request.  


If I continue to submit videos, will I get the same person? 

Again, it totally depends on the schedules of the PROTIQUE faculty.  PROTIQUE is the first APP to give you direct and immediate access to the industry's top professionals.  Sometimes it is great having multiple people looking at you, and sometimes it is better served to have the same person continue to give you valuable feedback.  Either way, you are going to continue to grow and develop a relationship with these professionals. 


How long is a PROTIQUED video that I receive back? 

We are figuring you will most likely submit a video that is from 1- 4min long.  What we give you in return is your video back with our professional PROTIQUE faculty giving you audio and video feedback over it- so you can hear and see exactly what you are doing right, and what needs improvement- The video you get back will probably be 8-12 min long!!!  What you get it return for your $29.99 payment would usually cost you around $200-500 with these professionals.   


Where do I view my finished PROTIQUE? 

It's easy.  Open up the PROTIQUE APP, make sure you are LOGGED IN,  go to the STATUS page.  Once your PROTIQUE is complete, it will give you the option to DOWNLOAD YOUR PROTIQUED VIDEO.  After you have pressed DOWNLOAD, you can find your PROTIQUE in your CAMERA ROLL on your phone.  How cool is that?  You can save your PROTIQUED video to play as many times as you want so you can continue to watch, learn, and grow from all of your comments and critiques. 



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