dena rizzo

Named "The Queen of Hip Hop", Dena Rizzo has been a Master in Hip Hop for over 20 years, making her one of the most highly sought after teachers in the country.


Dena's teaching, educating, and choreography has landed her in practically a different state every single week as she is on faculty of several convention circuits and is brought in for master classes and choreography for dance companies and studios across the nation.  Dena's years, expertise, and knowledge of hip-hop in the Dance Industry is unparalleled as she not only has worked on numerous projects with MTV and VH-1, but also has trained some of the top dancers in the country that now appear on shows like So You Think You Can Dance.  Even with all of the professional accolades Dena has accrued over the years, she has recently added one more to the list that ignites her biggest passion in life: developing a Dance Ministry to influence many dancers not only in the art of Hip Hop, but filling dance with purpose, serving others and God. 

Dena has a passion to teach not only the technique of Hip Hop but to further educate students, teachers and even parents in the lifestyle of the Hip Hop culture. Dena has a unique ability to powerfully influence and inspire the students she is around in all facets of dance and life while she brings the best out of each student.